Earth Tu Face


I’m a fan of anything au naturel, so I’m loving the goodness of Earth Tu Face (the packaging doesn’t hurt to look at either!). And a major plus–their awesome glossary for natural healing goodness.

14 responses to “Earth Tu Face”

  1. oo supper cool! I love this packaging!

  2. Krystal says:

    i LOVE the packaging. very pretty.

  3. Ally Ann says:

    Ah…. everything about this brand is the best! even that pillow, which I never thought I would like a skin care pillow.

  4. I LOVE the packaging design!

  5. pretty brand, graphics and photos, good find Jen!

  6. Rebekka says:

    The packaging IS gorgeous. Rosemary and salt lotion? Sounds divine!

  7. oooh i love this! i’ve been working on a branding project this weekend and this packaging design would fit straight into one of my moodboards!

  8. Eimy Fi. says:

    I’m so guilty of buying products for their pretty packaging but having it be good for me, A++ Thanks for sharing!