Lily Stockman


Floored by the beauty of Lily’s studio–the colors, the textures, the light. Her space is just as beautiful as she is….no surprise there! Read her interview over at The Makers Project–it’s a favorite of mine.
*All images by Jennifer Causey.

11 responses to “Lily Stockman”

  1. Yo! says:

    Art everywhere

  2. Wow, check out that light! Love seeing her process.

  3. Gina Choe says:

    I lurve The Maker’s Project! Pretty.

  4. Such a pretty space! And, tea in a wine glass…? So cute!

  5. A beautiful space, with lovely light. Thanks for sharing.

  6. leyla. says:

    even though i’m not an artist, i would love to have a creative space like this. it just seems very calming.
    thanks for introducing me to the makers project and also thanks for the sweet words you’ve left on my little blog! all the celebrations were good to me :)


  7. Wow, I want this studio. ASAP. So open and colorful….

  8. Gabriel says:

    Awesome work space! so fresh and vibrant – hello new 2012 resolution.

  9. Love her and I totally missed this! So inspiring!

  10. i’m blushing. you’re the sweetest. here’s to an art-filled 2012 for all!