Infinite Space Light Installation // Doug Wheeler


THIS, is amazing! If only I could step my foot in.
(via Designboom)

9 responses to “Infinite Space Light Installation // Doug Wheeler”

  1. Ohh lucky! Make sure to stop by the The High-Life in Ballard, and The Crumpet Shop in Pike Place Market! Can’t wait to see your photos from the trip!

  2. That’s really cool!!

    Hope you have a wonderful time in Seattle!! Can’t wait to see photos!! :)

  3. Whoa! I wish I could step inside. What a strange feeling it’d be. Have fun in Seattle!

  4. Shoko says:

    Wow. That looks truly awesome. Have an amazing time in Seattle!

  5. EvaForeva says:

    I love Seattle! Not for its weather though :-)

    Have fun!

  6. Anna Elder says:

    wow! love this. hope you have a wonderful time in Seattle!!

  7. Amanda Brown says:

    Awesome installation!