Industry of All Nations Selvedge Denim


It’s no surprise that I’m fascinated by the process of how things are created. I stumbled across these images (via Aloha Sunday) of men and women of Tamil Nadu dyeing materials to be hand-loomed into selvedge denim fabric for a collection of jeans by Industry of All Nations. What! So amazing. Read more about the process here.

11 responses to “Industry of All Nations Selvedge Denim”

  1. Kristina says:

    thats amazing – I love coloured jeans and it is good to hear that Industry of All Nations uses natural dyes which are friendly to the people and the environment!!

  2. Eve Cege says:

    wow, and the second image amazing light.

  3. This is amazing! Off to check out the links!

  4. Wow this is crazy! We often forget to think about how things are made. Checking out the link now, it sounds like an interesting read.

  5. incredible women! the top image reminded me of Nick Cave, have you heard of him? He just recently performed at UNT as a visiting artist. amazing work, should check him out.

  6. Woah. That is BANANAS!

  7. caroline says:

    wow. wow. wow.

  8. thais says:

    what ??? amazing indeed !! what a great ‘how’s made’ find ;))

  9. Anna Elder says:

    This is so cool! I don’t envy their job, but how cool is the process?!

  10. that indigo dying vat photo is INCREDIBLE! I loved reading about this, thanks for sharing!