Catch Me Here / Coffee & Tea Collective

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Loved this small-batch coffee roastery and tasting room in San Diego. Their involvement with the community and effort to bring about collaborative change caught my attention. Catch¬†Coffee & Tea Collective¬†on Instagram (@candtcollective) to see what they’re up to.

13 responses to “Catch Me Here / Coffee & Tea Collective”

  1. Chaucee says:

    Don’t you love places like this? They have a great logo too! Love it.

  2. such a beautiful place!

  3. I will definitely check this place out next time I’m in SD. Looks like such a great place. And I looooove that backpack!

  4. Such pretty jars! Love that they promote buying local, I wonder if in my city they have a similar place.

  5. your pictures make me happy, really really happy.

  6. love this! so sad I was out of town when you were visiting… but next time you’re here we’ll have to grab coffee & enjoy this wonderful space :)

  7. Sara says:

    Without gushing too much, I can never get over how beautiful your photos are, and these are no exception. I love how bright, clean, and calming they feel, I can’t imagine how gorgeous my cakes would look photographed by you! Next time I’m in San Diego I’ll be sure to add this place to my list.

  8. I’m following them on Instagram immediately! Love your shots, as always.