I finally did it! I've opened a PRINT SHOP  with a few of my images. Take a peek and let me know what you think. I'll be releasing new images (hopefully) every month and will also be selling collaborative prints in the near future (think photo + talented designers!). Much love to you on this beautiful day. ...

The Creative Residency

My good pals (and killer creative duo!) Justina Blakeney and Dabito have teamed up and started The Creative Residency--a program of intense, fast-paced, keep-it-real-style seminars specifically designed to help creative professionals take their work to the next level. They're teaching a Social Media Practicum in Los ...

Julie Joliat

This Famous Places card set caught my eye -- so good!! Well done,

A Girl and Her Craft

Jihan Zencirli, Geronimo! / Ace Hotel and Swim

Little Paper Planes

So happy to have been the guest curator over at Little Paper Planes. LPP is an online store of affordable art. They bring a diverse and talented community of artists together! I curated a lookbook for them, contributing my photos and pairing them with their products--take a look ...

Infinite Space Light Installation // Doug Wheeler

THIS, is amazing! If only I could step my foot

Lily Stockman

Floored by the beauty of Lily's studio--the colors, the textures, the light. Her space is just as beautiful as she is....no surprise there! Read her interview over at The Makers Project--it's a favorite of mine. *All images by Jennifer ...