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Laguna Beach

Laguna beach at some of its finest

ReStyle Source

Have you heard of ReStyle Source? It's a national guide to local shops, businesses, and restaurants. I'm looking forward to shooting for them and contributing some of my favorite places this year. Above is a snap of my profile page, but be sure to check out what they're all about here. I'm thinking ...

Shell Beach,

Ben Blood

There aren't enough good things to say about Ben Blood. We love his work. On our last trip to Seattle, we were privileged to have some photos taken by Ben. We enjoyed watching him do what he does best, hanging out, and wandering through parts of the city with him. If you haven't seen his latest work, ...

Industry of All Nations Selvedge Denim

It's no surprise that I'm fascinated by the process of how things are created. I stumbled across these images (via Aloha Sunday) of men and women of Tamil Nadu dyeing materials to be hand-loomed into selvedge denim fabric for a collection of jeans by Industry of All Nations. What! So amazing. Read ...

Infinite Space Light Installation // Doug Wheeler

THIS, is amazing! If only I could step my foot

Experiment With Nature

I've been fascinated by Experiment with Nature in the last few days. EWN is curated by the team at Schwood Eyewear and is a project dedicated to sharing inspiring content pertaining to all aspects of daily life. On their site you can find mini-documentaries, interviews, playlists, and experiments ...